Best Native or Sponsored Content Program

From media/publisher partnerships to sports or other event
sponsorships, brands can connect with audiences when they
become a part of their daily lives and media consumption. If
you’ve got a winning program, this is your shot to win acclaim.

Martech Team of the Year (client-side)

This category acknowledges client-side marketing teams that have shown true leadership through indepth understanding and application of martech. The winner will have exceeded objectives through the application of martech and overcome challenges through exceptional team orchestration and performance. Teams may comprise a complete marketing department or a subset focused on martech within in a larger marketing organization. Alignment with other departments, such as sales and IT, will further qualify entrants. Submissions must outline the structure of the team, objectives, challenges and results. 

Martech Agency of the Year

This category encourages marketing agencies that demonstrate leadership in martech to step forward. The winning agency will have used martech to help drive remarkable, validated results for clients, delivering more effective marketing strategies in the process. The agency of the year will be recognized by clients and the wider industry as martech leaders. Submissions must demonstrate how entrants’ mastery of martech has helped them deliver campaigns that are expertly planned and perfectly executed.

Martech Hero

This category recognizes the individual who has demonstrated extraordinary excellence, innovation and thought leadership in advancing the utiliziation and impact of marketing technology. Submissions should explain how the nominee hase helped an organization break through to higher levels success with martech and expanded the boundaries of the field. Qualifying individuals are likely to be widely known as being forward-thinking and able to drive progress across their organization

Digital Transformation Initiative of the Year

This category recognizes genuine innovation from an enterprise that has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in its digital transformation. The category is open to agencies entering on behalf of clients or clients themselves. Submissions should describe the initiative – the situation and strategy behind it, the objectives, the martech evolution required, executional elements, and the business impact.

Agency of the Year

To reward the agency who demonstrates consistently great understanding of the b2b sector.  Please provide examples of growth of revenues, acquisition of clients, success of campaigns, testimonials from clients.

Marketer of the Year

To reward the individual who has contributed most to the B2B sector over the past year. This person can be agency or client side but should have more than 5 year’s marketing experience.

Brand of the Year

To reward the best brand in the B2B industry. Judges will be looking for a brand who is brave, innovative and demonstrated great results in their campaigns and strategies sector over the past year.

Best Multichannel Campaign

A campaign that can demonstrate success over multiple channels to give customers the best experience and the client the best results.

Best Brand Campaign

Compelling, provocative campaigns utilizing one or more channels designed to drive brand awareness, perceptions and momentum at the corporate, brand, master brand or product/ service brand level. Big, bold, provocative, aspirational, emotional work that has moved the needle.

Best Demand-Generation Campaign

Creative and hard-working campaigns designed to drive demand and deliver specific performance KPI’s – from frontend metrics all the way through MQLs, SQLs, pipeline and revenue. Delivering extraordinary results, in extraordinary ways, is the key.

Best Digital Campaign

The best all-digital campaigns demonstrating the best thinking and the best use of digital techniques and digital media.

Best Social Campaign

This category is about true social connection and interaction. Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/ or other social channels are the playing field. Creative and effective.

Best Mobile Campaign

The best all-mobile campaigns, including banners, expendables, interstitials, video, native, interscrollers and more. Special emphasis placed on the quality of the user experience and creative use of the medium to deliver value and relevance.

Best Out-of-Home Campaign

From breakthrough ideas to breakout use of the channel, enter your best out-of-home ads or campaigns.

Best E-Commerce Website

Ease of navigation, product presentation, seamless experience, usability, search ability, intuitive experience, great contextual content...all adding up to far-above- average performance.

Best VR or AR Experience

For work using VR/AR effectively to showcase their product /service. There’s lots of amazing work been done using this new technoloy, show us yours

Best Live or Virtual Event Campaign

In person live experiences, hybrid or virtual and augmented reality are quickly reshaping the ways we think about how we interact with the physical world. And they’re revolutionizing the ways B2B brands can create experiences that sell their products and services.
Enter your best B2B live events/experiences and tell us your story. 

Best Use of Personalization

For effectively integrating personalization techniques into a corporate Web site, campaign site, e-mail campaign, landing page or automated nurture campaign. This can include use of profiling/targeting techniques, real-time dynamic content and/ or use of 1st, 2nd, 3rd party data.

Best Use of Programmatic

If you have built programmatic into your media strategy to deliver outstanding results, this award for you. Can include smart, sophisticated use of prospecting, remarketing and/or ABM targeting techniques, intelligent DSP/DMP audience data and/or effective bidding strategies.

Best Use of Artificial Intelligence

Have you used AI to enhance the customer experience or improve marketing/sales targeting or performance? This can awesome applications of AI that have had an impact, including machine learning powered chatbots or personal assistants and models that integrate big data to predict outcomes or make intelligent recommendations.

Best Broadcast Campaign

The ads and campaigns we wish we’d have done!

• TV - Enter your best TV creative.

• Radio – Enter your best Radio creative.

Best Content Marketing Campaign

Your organization had a very particular problem that you believed could be solved through content marketing. Please tell us the overall goal of the program, the audience you targeted, the platform you chose, your distribution strategy and the results you’ve seen.

Best Website - Corporate or Brand Website

From visual expression of the brand to extraordinary content, from outstanding architecture to rich interactivity, from personas and use cases, enter the best websites in B2B.

Best PR Campaign

Recognition of an outstanding use of Public Relations in a campaign.

Best Use of Data/Insights

Demonstrate how the campaign/strategy uses metrics, segmentation or targeting to improve the end users experience with a brand, product or service.

Best Limited Budget Campaign

You don’t always get big budgets to play with but if you’re clever and creatve a limited budget can go along way and produce some amazing results. For work with a budget of $50,000 (or global currency equivalent) or less Best ROI campaign. ROI is essential from any campaign or strategy. We want to see your impressive results for the investment you made.

Best Product Launch Campaign

Awarding a digital campaign on at least one or more digital platforms with a purpose to launch a new brand, product or service among consumers or users.

Best Thought Leader Strategy

How is your agency/company is positioning itself as a true opinion former and thought leader? We will be looking for example of new vision for the development of our industry and a strong and single-minded focus on how these have been delivered - for example through talks, blogs, internal training and so on. Judges will also be looking for evidence that the strategy has worked

Best ROI Campaign

ROI is essential from any campaign or strategy. We want to see your impressive results for the investment you made.